Ender roles in Manuel Puigs The Kiss of the Spider Woman


Please email back an essay that deals with Manuel Puigs novel, El Beso de la mujer arana (Kiss of the Spider Woman).

I would like that you focus on how the novel provides a critique Of rigid authoratative patterns, both male and female, and [how] it challenges the presupposed link between biological sex and social gender(Zimmerman 107).

Please focus as well on how our societys conception of gender is more a social construct, rather than innate Essential [gender] categories(Zimmerman 107).

I began the essay but Im short on time, and I dont want to resort to my plagiarizing the texts that Ive read so far.

Please note, that I will, in turn, take it upon myself to translate into Spanish.

Please try to use only scholarly texts, and cite where needed.

If you could focus on both the literary aspects with good commentary AND incorporate the critical-theoretical apparatus with regards to Gender Theory that would be great!

Thanks so much,

Mario Martinez

P.S.: Heres a partial Works Cited…I have more, but theyre in Spanish, as ultimately, this will be a paper for my Spanish class…I will translate the document that you provide me with into Spanish (as I dont think that you also write docs in Spanish, right?).

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