Ender socialization influences our lives in a multitude of ways

The purpose of this assignment is to inspire you to become conscious about how gender socialization influences your everyday experiencesi?? both good and bad.

Gender socialization influences our lives in a multitude of ways. Sometimes it privileges us, and at other times, it disadvantages us in ways we seldom think about. For instance, if you are female you may be able to stay out of the public workforce and stay home to raise your children without any social questions about your decision. You may also find that the expectation for women to stay home with the children has hampered your ability to fully participate in the public workforce. If you are male you may be able to work in the public workforce without the expectation to stay home and raise your children without any social questions about your decision. You may also find that if you do want to stay home with the children that you are hampered in your ability to do so because of social pressure for men to be the primary provider for the family outside of the home. Thus, the purpose of this assignment, whether male or female, is to get you to think about how your life path has been influenced by gender in both positive and negative ways. It is not just about inequality, but life experience.

Connecting Theory to Life Experiencei?? How has gender socialization influenced your life path? How were you benefited or disadvantaged due to your gender socialization? How has your race interacted with gender to influence life outcome? Which theory that we discussed in class best describes your gender socialization (you may use more than one)?

To complete this assignment:

In your paper:

(a) write about your gender socialization as prompted above and give enough detail to show your understanding of the material.

(b) utilize a gender perspective to analyze your gender socialization (i.e., Radical Feminist Theory, Social Feminist Theory, Gender Schema Theory [not discussed in this class but outside materials on this theory, and others, are available]; you may use more than one perspective).

NOTE: YOU MAY NOT USE BIOLOGICAL THEORY (TRADITIONAL THEORY) TO EXPLAIN YOUR LIFE. Therefore, simply stating that men and women are biologically just Differentis NOT acceptable.


title page (with a meaningful title)
4-5 pages of text (excludes title and references), typed, double spaced
incorporation of course materials (the use of outside materials are encouraged, but not required).
number pages beginning on page 1 of the text
running header should not start on title page, it should start on the first page of text (not the title page)
reference page