Ender Stereotypes (infants preceived gender on adolescent ratings)

This is a Research Proposal done in APA format.

This needs to be 13 pages with 10 or more sources.

Paper Idea…

to explore the perceived gender of an infant and the gender of adolescents on ratings of the infant. A group of 45 adolescents (even number of boys and girls) will view a photograph of a 5 month old infant. The infant will appear in a pink body suit in one picture, a blue body suit in the next picture, and just a diaper in the final picture. All pictures will be the same size and have the baby laying down with a full body shot of the baby. Each student will rate the infant on 6 bipolar adjective scales pretty/attractive, gentle/straightforward, strong/weak, big/small, fragile/overpowering, adorable/charming

the hypothesis is that the color of clothing and the gender of the student will affect the ratings.