Ender Studies/ International Development Studies

3 pages each question, total 6 pages.
Please be as precise as possible, use specific examples.
Be very specificthats what the professor wants….

Each essay must address at least 3 sources, including one article or book and one film. Must discuss different set of materials in each essay. Refer to articles using the authors last name and provide citation for all quotations and examples cited from course materials.
The goal in each essay is to synthesize class materials to formulate your own, original argument.

1. Domestic work and sex work are often conceived as vastly different professions. In reality, they share many elements in common. Discuss their commonalities, common misperceptions about these careers, and the reasons why women are especially vulnerable to abuse within these professions. How would a reconceptualization of sex work along the lines of Kempadoos and Mahdavis analysis encourage policy makers to redefine policy objectives with respect to sex work and sex trafficking?

Resources: Kempadoo, Mahdavi, film: Sin City Diary (1992)

2. In times of conflict, women are routinely told to silence their voices and put their concerns aside to fight for the national interest. How does this gendering of revolutionary space become problematic for women both during and after conflict? Why is rape so often used as a war tactic and tool of genocide? How does it reaffirm national symbolism as well as Ernest Renans conception of what defines the nation? Discuss at least two historical examples.

Resources: McClintock, Helie-Lucas, film: PBS VideoWomen, War and Peace