Eneral American Democracy and foreign policy

Answer both questions; divide your time equally between both questions. In your responses draw from the films (Amistad, Gangs of New York, Molly McGuires, Hoffa, The Candidate, Wag the Dog, Nixon, Rendition, Standard Operating Procedure, Brothers, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Fog of War, Mississippi Burning. Two important additional sources: The American Democracy by Thomas E. Patterson and Taking Sides ed. by George McKenna and Stanley Feingold, MUST BE USED.

1. In this course we have been talking a great deal about the connection between the eruptions of violence and conflict and the expansion of democracy; that American democracy rather than being static and only institutional, also has developed through considerable conflict, including class and race. Discuss this connection.


2. a?When one thinks of American foreign policy, one doesnat think of the word a?ethicala; indeed in the international arena, ethics a the kind of ethics that individuals practice in their daily life a can often impede the forms of political action necessary to both advance American interests and protect American security.a? Comment; feel free to either agree or disagree with this quote.

Essays should be five-seven pages in length, double-spaced, and will be due on December 15.