Eneral Area: Materials Systems for Turbine Blades

1. The topic of your paper will be the development of novel materials systems for turbine blades for challenging applications such as high-temperature gas turbines in power plants (such as Gen IV nuclear plants), surface vehicles, aerospace vehicles, wind turbines, water turbines, energy storage systems, refrigeration units, etc. The materials systems may include coatings as well as the base materials.

2. The paper should emphasize technical issues and quantitative information. It should be clear and concise. The paper should be about materials, i.e., about composition, fabrication, properties, and performance, rather than about construction design or techniques. (For instance, a discussion of blade materials for wind turbines should have an emphasis on the composition of the material, the chemistry and technology of fabricating the material, and degradation processes rather than on turbine design and operation.)

3. The length of the paper should not exceed two pages, typed in double space format. The two-page limit does not include references, tables, and figures. You are thus encouraged to present as much information as possible in tables or figures.

4. In view of the limited length of the paper, it is strongly recommended to restrict the paper to a very specific subject. Thus, Polymeric composites in blades for wind turbinesis a good topic; Blades for turbines in transportation systemsis too broad.