Eneral Aviation Marketing Role Models

Research the following 4 prominent business leaders or contributors to the General Aviation Industry: Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech, Russ Meyer and Lloyd Stearman. The research on each of these role models should focus on the following: (1) their careers, including life events that shaped their careers, and (2) their perspectives on marketing management issues or practices. Ideally, the paper should be organized into several sections, as follows:

1. An executive summary: Here briefly summarize the entire paper in about one page.

2. Industry overview: A brief section explaining the  industry (or profession) you ve selected. What does the industry do? How large is it? Who are the major competitors? What are the major business challenges in the industry? And so on. One page should be plenty for this section.

3, 4, 5 & 6. Four sections, each devoted to one of the 4 key role models. Ideally, each of these sections should include at least two sub-sections:

(A) a description of the career (essentially a mini-bio), but also include any life events that shaped the individual s career, management style or business philosophy. Also include a sentence or two here explaining why this person was important to the General Aviation Industry, what s his/her noteworthy contribution to the industry, and...

(B) the person s perspectives on marketing management issues or practices. Use selected quotes from the individual in this sub-section, but make sure you use quotation marks, making it very clear which parts of your paper are direct quotes.

About three concisely-written and  meaty pages for each individual.

7. Evaluative and compare/contrast section: Here convince the reader that you not only summarized these people s careers, perspectives, and so on, but that you thought about these people as well. How do the individuals differ in their style, philosophy, practices, etc? How do you account for these differences? In what ways are the individuals similar? What do you most admire about these individuals; what do you want to remember about them throughout your career? If they had  traded places with each other (e.g., lived in a different era, worked in a different company, or otherwise traded circumstances), would they have been as successful, and why? Did any of the individuals say or do anything with which you disagree? Which of these people would you most like to work for (or have worked for)? This section should be 6 pages.

8. List of references, organized according to the AMA/JM style. Specific facts should be referenced in the body of your paper like this (Martin 2006, p. 4), with complete info for the reference included in the reference list near the end of the paper  something like this:

Martin, Charles L. (2006),  Referencing the AMA/JM Way, Journal of Martining, 22 (Summer), pp. 3-7.