Eneral Background information about Bayer Health Care company

( General Background information about Bayer Health Care )

Please Note That Bayer Health Care is segment of Bayer group. And we want In this paper to focus is on Bayer Health Care.

Bayer Group has three main business Segments :
a. Bayer Health Care ( Our Focus)
b. Bayer CropScience
c. Bayer MaterialScience

Section1 1-2 Paragraph
Mission and / or vision statement if available ( You can plot Bayer Group mission and vision statement , if you could not find anything about Bayer health care in specific).

Mission Statement: purpose, philosophy, and reason for existence and mostly you will find in the firm annual report .
Example: Google: a?Googleas mission is to organize the worldas information and make it universally accessible and useful.a?

Vision: what the organization can become in the future; idealized future goals
Example: Peetas Vision: To be the gold standard specialty coffee and tea brand available to the world, with one of the most dedicated and loyal customer followings of any brand.

Section 2 ( Brief History of the Company):3 paragraphs ( Mainly about Bayer Health care . but can you kindly write one paragraph about Bayer Group
a. Inception/ Founding
b. Age ( Year on Inception )
c. Current Size ( # of employees and other relative)
d. Include anything else ma be relevant

Section 3 a 1 page
Company performance over the last three years ( ROA , Sales , Revenue , ect) you will find all the information that you need below so ne need to search for anything. Just summarize and rewrite the information below . But if you Can you get some information about Bayer group ( Or Bayer health care if you can ) Market share and write a sentence about this that would be great.

Section 4 ( Executive leadership ) 2-3 paragraphs
Who is current CEO ( and/or President )/ How long has he been in his role? Include any information the indentifies the CEO accomplishment, problems , or deficiencies , or leadership style with the proper supporting.

Bayer Health care chairman as of Dec 31, 2009 are
A. J. Higgins who will be our focus ( I heard that new chairman was assigned in the pervious if you got sure from this information. Just add sentence about this change. And please add one or two sentences about the CEO of Bayer Group.

The supplement information for section 3
a? Bayer Health care revenues ( Sales ) represent around 48% from Bayer Group Total sales for the last three years.
a? Sales of the HealthCare subgroup rose by 4.1% in 2008 to a ¬15,407 million and in 2009 Sales of the HealthCare subgroup rose by 3.8% in to a ¬15,988 million and this was due. Was driven by positive business trends in both the Pharmaceuticals and the Consumer Health segments, particularly to the positive business performance in the emerging markets, and favorable price and volume.
a? On the other hand, in 2009 Bayer Group sales fell by 5.3% to a ¬31,168 million. This was due to the bad economic situation and the decrease in the performance in the other two segments. However, 2008 witnessed Sales of the Bayer Group came in at a ¬32,918 million, up 1.6% from the prior-year figure ofa ¬32,385 million

Net Income

a? ROA ratio witnessed deep decrease in 2008 comparing with 2007
from 8.8 % to 3.31 %. And this decrease was driven by the following:
1. The decrease in the net income in 2008 by around 65% and this was due the fact in 2007 Bayer disposed and discontinued part of business and patents and generated around 2.4B from this disposal and no such action took place in 2008.
2. The decrease in the total asses by 4.4 Billion, which was mainly due the sales patent in same year.
a? In 2009 the ROA continued decrease to 2.62 and this driven by in the net income 21% due the decrease in the total sales and the increase in the operation expenses

12/31/09 12/31/08 12/31/07
ROE % (Net) 7.73 10.42 31.97
The fluctuations are due the same reason in the above so can combined the two parts.

Gross Margin

Gross Marging % 51.44 50.01 49.51

Bayer group improve its efficacy with sustaining stable profit margin over the last three years with avg of 50% .

Can you get some information about Bayer group ( Or Bayer health care if you can ) Market share and write a sentence about that.