Eneral Definitions and Short Answer Questions

Define the following terms:

1) FISA:

2) Patriot Act:

3) AUMF:

4) Geneva Convention:

5) Hamdan vs Rumsfeld:

6) Ex Parte Quirin:

7) Military Commission Act of 2006:

8) Ex Parte Milligan:

9) Boumediene vs Bush:

10) FISC:


1) Outline the arguments for and against the trial of key 9/11 detainees in federal court in lower Manhattan.

2) Compare and contrast the Obama and Bush approaches and policies to the treatment of detainees captured in the aftermath of 9/11.

3) Outline the differences between the trial of an individual before a military commission and a civilian criminal court.

4) What is the essential legal difference between a person designated as a POW and a person designated as an unlawful enemy combatant?

5) Based on your readings of our text and lessons, how can a democracy maintain both national security and civil liberties during times of national conflict?