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DSM-IV-TR Project and Reading List

Below is a list of novels, biographies, and autobiographies. These novels describe characters who have various mental disorders or syndromes. While many of these books have been made into films, I prefer that you choose a book with which you are not familiar so that you approach the character with an open mind rather than through the film director s point of view.

Become a Psychotherapist in this project& ..

Directions: Read your book and prepare a 4-5 page paper about the main character.

This is not a typical book report and you are not to summarize the plot. Instead, you should adopt the perspective of a psychotherapist and prepare a case study of the book s main character, providing a diagnosis and support for that diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR (on reserve at Hennepin Technical College Library or any public library). Be careful to not simply use a diagnosis because it appears in your novel. Some of the older books use categories that are no longer in the DSM-IV-TR, which is the most recent edition of the DSM.

Your task is to describe and discuss the character s behavior. Specifically, you will want to include the following:

1. What are the character s symptoms? (10 points)

2. Into which DSM-IV-TR category (disorder) does the character fit and why? (10 points)

3. What type of therapeutic treatment did the character receive (8 points)

4. What treatment would you recommend if you were the therapist? (Be creative and use textbook as resource) (6 points)

5. Using terms and/or theories from your textbook, how would you best explain the development of the character s symptoms? (Use textbook as resource for this question) (6 points).


1. Double-space text

2. Use a 10-12 pt. font size

3. Cite references using APA style formatting (for more details about APA style formatting, you can consult the HTC library staff or visit http://apastyle.org (click on  Frequently Asked Questions for examples and suggestions.

Reading List:

Gordon, B. (1980). I m dancing as fast as I can. New York: Bantam.

Guest, J. (1982). Ordinary people. New York: Ballantine.

Kesey, K. (1975). One flew over the cockoo s nest. New York: New American


Neufeld, J. (1970). Lisa bright and dark. New York: New American Library.

Plath, S. (1975). The bell jar. New York: Bantam.

Schreiber, F. (1974). Sybil. New York: Warner.

Sechehaye, M. (1985). Autobiography of a schizophrenic girl. New York: New

American Library.

Thigpen, T., & Cleckley, H.M. (1985). The three faces of Eve. Augusta, GA:


**Submit your paper by the due date listed on your syllabus, using the Dropboxtool within this online course. Instructions for the Dropboxare listed under Contents.”