Enerational Differences About the Use of Technology in the Workplace and What Public Managers Can Do About It

Research paper with 10 pages and 10 references, MLA.

The challenge for managers struggling to cope with employees from different generations who have wholly different ways of working, talking,& thinking. The term used for these differences is generally known as The generation gap.How can technology be an aid to managers who are seeking ways to bridge the generation gap in their organizations.

Introduction. Since the focus of my paper is how technology today is influencing how things are done at work and how people from different generations feel about it, use a hypothetical or a real situation to illustrate how an older employee complains about having to use new, unfamiliar technology recommended by a millennial who has a similar job. Describe why this is important information for todays public manager. Use a recent Forbes article (link below).

First Main Point. Use sources to explain briefly the generations represented in todays workplace, their differences in age, values, expectations from work and preferred ways of communicating. Use some examples to illustrate how these differences can result in conflict. (three or four pages). A couple of good books to look for are Ron Zemke, Generations at Work and Lynne Lancaster, When Generations Collide. Also, see page?id1256843646775951

Third Main Point: Final Section of paper. Discuss views of authorities on what managers can do to reduce tension in the multi-generational workplace, keep productivity high and employees satisfied. Look at other and describe what public managers should be doing. Another article, primarily related to millennials: DF1C11C056874DDA8097271A1ED48662.ashx.