Energy ) energy efficiency in saudi arabia

Choose a scientific or technical article on any topic explicitly related to either:
i) demand management,
ii) energy efficiency, or
iii) energy storage.
The article could cover:
an assessment of the benefits and costs,
the development or improvement of energy efficiency approach or energy storage device,
how energy storage can facilitate the integration of renewables into the wider energy system,
social impacts of energy storage systems,
environmental impacts of energy storage systems,
carbon intensity of electricity networks,
If in doubt about your chosen topic, please discuss it with the module leader first.
This article should be found in a published scientific journal (such as Renewable Energy, or
Energy Policy, etc.) or a a?technicala report from a widely recognized organisation. In this
context, a?technicala includes environmental/policy/etc. documents as long as they have been
researched and produced at a scientific standard, i.e. clearly substantiating their claims with
evidence, and a?organisationa includes government agencies, respected non-government
agencies (e.g. Greenpeace), and company reports (as long as these are are not confidential).
Write a critique of that article in about 3000 words. A typical critique will probably include
a short summary of the article
putting the article into the wider context
discussing the assumptions or methodologies used
discussing the main findings
appraising the conclusions or recommendations given in the report
a reference list.
Obviously, to carry out this task and gain a more informed viewpoint, you will need to refer to a
lot of other literature. This will obviously depend on your chosen topic but will most likely
include many within the following categories: journal articles, conference papers, policy papers,
text books, and general publications such as professional magazine articles and newspaper
Submission is required in BOTH electronic and hardcopy formats by 18/02/2012

1) Submit the electronic version (either Word or PDF document) of your report to the
appropriate submission facility on VISION;
2) Submit the hardcopy version of your report to the 5th year mechanical engineering
coursework box in the Nasmyth crush area.
1. Ensure that your report has a proper title on the first page including your name.
2. It would also help if your document includes a header on each page giving your name and
the page number.
3. Name the file a?Surname_ID_Report1.doca (or PDF). The ID is to avoid duplication in case
there are two common surnames.