Enetically modified foods is good for people

I jest finished my debate,and my side was talking about GMO is good for people. I got the research paper about GMO. It must include a Works Cited page(4 sources minimum and 1 photocopied page from each source reading attached behind the Works Cited page), one formal outline. The teacher may ask me to turn in my essay to Turnin.com So be careful about the sources which will use in the essay. Should not have more than 8-9 sources for the essay, and that would likely be the case for one in the 7 pg. range. Also, one of the sources must be from a print source or E(electronic)books.(PS. which one will you choose, and also send me the source.)

Background & Thesis Statement(1-3 paragraphs)
Evidence Pro (My side GMO is good for people)(4 paragraphs)
Argument Con(opposing side)(1-2 paragraphs)
Refutation of Argument Con (1-2 paragraphs)
Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

Do not use too many difficult words, and perfect grammar.