Enetically-modified organisms and the environment

( **PLEASE NOTE** CSE is not an option on paramountessays for the style/format of the referencing, therefore please use instructions to note that the essay style should be referenced with CSE and paper format in APA**)
The essay should contain 9-10 pages of typed double-spaced text (not including figures, tables or references), 12 point font. Referencing format should follow that of the Council of Science Editors (CSE) style. For an example, see the scientific referencing style in the journal a?Annual Review of Ecologya?. The essay should be written in the form of a scientific review article which includes an introduction to the topic, summary of current knowledge in the primary literature, any controversies or opposing hypotheses, any gaps in the current knowledge or limitations of specific hypotheses, and possible suggestions or avenues for future research. I will post some examples of ecology review articles in the next few weeks. The essay is due on March 24, 2014. The topic for your essay should be related and relevant to the course material. The essay can be a critical evaluation of a current controversy in ecology or the environment. Understand that a?critical evaluationa? does not mean critical in the sense of partisan be objective and try to present both sides of the issue and if you decide to support a particular point of view explain why, recognizing that a value judgment may be the basis of your position. Alternatively, you can research the ecology of a particular animal or plant and describe its importance to the community or ecosystem. You can also choose to research a particular community, ecosystem or biome, and their ecological significance. Some additional topics are also given below.

Please submit an electronic copy (in MS-WORD 2007 or 2010) and a hard copy to me on or before March 24, 2014. Make sure that your name, the course number and the name of the instructor are clearly indicated in the title page of your essay. Your essay should be an original work based on a thorough review of the relevant literature (scientific articles and books), and prepared especially for this coursein other words, you should not hand in an essay prepared for another course. You can use web resources (e.g. Wikipedia) to get ideas for your essay but you are not permitted to cite them in your paper as they are not peer-reviewed publications. You should cite at least five or more sources of primary literature that you have used to write your essay.

A reminder to all students: you must inform me about your proposed essay topic before Feb. 3, 2014 (a quick e-mail will suffice)the sooner you inform me, the better. This will allow you some time over reading week to gather the relevant literature. In addition, if I have any books or resources that I think are related to your essay topic I will gladly loan them out to you. The essays are due March 24, 2014. Late essays will be deducted 5% a day up to a maximum of 7 days. Late essays will no longer be accepted after March 31, 2013.

In addition, these websites may be helpful in finding an essay topic
Ecology Global Network

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

This is the address for the Steacie Science Library electronic resource for biology references:
Some sample reviews from journals that publish ecology papers will be posted on the Moodle website.

Alphabetical list of journals that publish ecology-related material
Advances in Ecological Research
Advances in Environmental Research
American Midland Naturalist
American Naturalist
Animal Behaviour

Basic and Applied Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
Biodiversity and Conservation
Biological Invasions
Biological Reviews
BMC Ecology

Canadian Field-Naturalist
Canadian Journal of Zoology
Cities and the Environment
Climatic Change
Community Ecology
Conservation Biology
Current Biology

Ecology Letters
Ecosystem Health
Environmental Conservation
Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology Research

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
Functional Ecology

Global Ecology and Biogeography
Global Environmental Change

International Journal of Ecology and Environmental

Journal of Ecology
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology
Journal of Nature Conservation
Journal of Plant Ecology
Journal of Tropical Ecology

Marine Ecology
Marine Environmental Research
Molecular Ecology

Organisms Diversity and Evolution

Restoration Ecology

Scientific American

Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Urban Ecosystems

Web Ecology

Zoological Research

Also if you would like to access articles from the YorkU Library Online you can use my account — Username: mshehada –Password: MOMU1229

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