Enetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), U.S. and E.U. Trade Dispute

3 pdf files must be used as sources
Paper should include the following

Background on European Union ban on use of GMOs (At least one Page)
Summary of the WTO dispute brought by United States against European Union ( at least 2 pages)
How does GMO and synthetic hormones work in the case of beef production. (at least one page)
What is the European Union cost from the ban on imported beef? Average consumer price, Meat consumption in European (at least two pages)
What are the alternative policies available to European Union/United States to resolve the dispute? (at least one page)
How the ban does effected the U.S. export of meat
United States and. European Union initiatives to resolve the trade dispute (at least two pages)
Are there health/environmental concerns (at least one page)