Enetics: Genetic mapping of a gene causing a Drosophila mutant phenotype

I need this paper to be on Drosphilia Melongaster. We had these flies in our lab. I will attach a Handoutthat was given to us on how to do the lab for the dayit took us 6 days to finish it, along with intervals where we had to wait for the flies to produce. There is a website (given on the Handout”) called bioinfomratics. i will need you to follow those steps given in the handout and include that information into the lab report as well. I have a class data, what we ended up getting for the class outcome of mutant phenotypes, they were calculated via chi-square along with another class results.. it will have to be compared. please include graphs, charts, etc. she loves those. i will attach the class data as well. the phenotypes that were given is listed on the bottom of the handout (last page). I will also attach a few files for what she is looking for in the report, please follow those direction as well. if you have any questions, feel free to message me!