Writer MUST have a firm biology background (pHD preferred) and must be very comfortable with GENETICS. A background is psychology would be a plus too. Writer must be willing to communicate with me! I need to be an active collaborator in this process. I would like to know writers qualifications. I also MUST receive list of sources/articles writer intends to use so I can make sure these are sources I myself have access to in my school database (types of databases I often use are pubmed, medline, jstor, cambridge scientific abstracts, basicBIOSIS, BioONE etc–> you are not limited to these, but I need to check your references before I use them) OMIM would be an excellent resource for this paper too.

In evaluating your essays, we will look both for breadth and depth. We will also look for your ability to integrate empirical research and theory in your answers to the questions. Specific materials on which you draw should be referenced in the text of your essays and listed in a proper bibliography at the end. Since textbooks so rapidly become outdated, however, you are strongly encouraged to conduct a literature search and to consult primary sources in the library.

This is the question: Most human behaviors are complex traits that can be influenced only incrementally by allelic variation at any one genetic locus. The effects by many genes typically combine with a lifetime of experience to influence human behavioral phenotypes. One notable exception to this rule is Huntingtons Disease, a fatal neurogenerative disease. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the link between the HD mutant genotype and its behavioral phenotype. Describe the evidence that HD is directly caused by a dominant mutation in a single gene. Where in the human genome is this gene? Describe the phenotype of individuals who carry the HD mutation. Discuss the present evidence concerning the biochemical and physiological links between the gene and the behavioral phenotype: what is known about the cellular function of the protein? Where is the protein expressed? Which brain functions are abnormal in HD patients and how? What are the behavioral functions of these brain structures? Finally, identify significant gaps in our understanding of the link between the HD mutant genotype and its behavioral phenotype.

Notes from me: This must be a high quality paper using sophisticated current primary research articles and reviews.Journals must be peer reviewed. I need to know that these are journals that I would have access to in my library and that they fit the caliber of sources that I need. I generally use databases such as Pubmed, journal of genetics, for instance. Essay must draw on PRIMARY RESEARCH and scientific review articles, not textbooks. Ive written 10 sources but that is not set in stone by any means. It is CRITICAL for me, that once you have selected articles for this paper that you email them to me, so I can evaluate them before the paper is written. Quoting text is not acceptable for this paper and extensive citation for information used is critical. Absolutely no plagiarizing or plain summary of articles! Receiving outlines/drafts would be fantastic. I am an A student and am currently suffering from family circumstances and a medical illness which is making work extremely difficult for me and this is critical for my graduation. I am very nervous about this endeavor and am trusting you. Thank you very much!