Enetics & Methods of Solving Genetic Pro

Answer the Following Questions to develop your paper:
What distinguish between genes and alleles?
Explain the term genome, and the symbols n and 2n.
Explain phenotype and genotype.
Explain dominant and recessive alleles.
Distinguis between homozygous and heterozygous gametes. Provide example using the allele symbols.
Explain law of segregation.
Explain punnett square and its use.
Explain the process of fertilization using the punnett square and the terms such as genetic cross, single-factor cross, monohybrid cross, double-factor cross.
What is the difference between a single-factorcross and a double-factor cross.
Explain solving genetic problems in terms of probability.
Who was Gregor Mendel? What were his contributions?
Explain Mendels first and and second cross experiments with purple and white flowers.
Define self pollination and give an example.
Explain the problem solving methods in both single-factor crosses and double factor crosses utilizing the table found in 10.2/p.209, 10.3/p.211, and 10.4/213.
Distinguish between inheritance patterns: codominance, incomplete dominance, multiple alleles, and polygenic inheritance.
Provide four examples of defects due to genetic disorders and explain each one of them.