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For this paper i need it to have as many sources that will satisft the paper and PLEASE CITE the previous writer failed to do so! The purpose of this is to see the mating preference of virgin female wild type Drosophila Melangoaster when given the choice of wild type males, lobed, antennapedia, or bar eyed males. We will do this by observing the phenotype of the offspring of the crosses. our hypothesis is: when mating, do virgin female wild types prefer wild type males or males with specific eye mutations (lobed, antennapedia, or bar)? I have a few things i am going to attach as files and you will have to read it to understand the experiment, it will contain the results, our plan, and experiment, and so on. we originally were supposed to do two trials, but we only did one trial. so please make sure you only write about the one trial i am going to give ti you. i am also going to attach a file that is the requirements that my professor is requiring to have in this lab report. I NEED TO HAVE ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS FULFILLED, the previous writer failed to follow these directions and caused a huge grade reduction. Please make sure everything is relevant to my experiment. If you are going to cite please include some of your own wordings as well at the end, and not just having the paper made of citations. for the results, please have graphs, pictures, etc. adding some pictures of the different flies i used would also be nice. i am also attaching a powerpoint that was the presentation that we presented to the class. read that as well too please. Please try to make this paper as well as you can , and follow these directions. if you have any questions please let me know to make sure this paper comes out as expected.. thank you.