Engaging families in culturally relevant ways

Guide for This Weekas Readings Mark up the text! Note quotes that strike you as interesting, important, strange, or confusing. Jot down questions you have about the reading. Pay attention to (and mark): 1) the authorsa main argument or claim, 2) examples that the authors use as evidence to support their arguments, 3) recommendations you think the authors are making to improve education, and 4) your opinion about the authorsa arguments (i.e., do you agree or disagree and why).

READING REFLECTION #8 DUE ON TED VIA TURNITIN BY 11:59PM In 2-3 double-spaced pages 1) discuss your opinion about this weekas readings BEFORE you met with your reading response group and 2) reflect on the extent to which your discussion with your reading response group changed, enhanced, expanded, clarified and/or confirmed your opinion about the ideas in the readings.