Enghis Khans Conquest and its impact on the Society

Genghis Khans Conquest and its impact on the Society.

I want to write a RESEARCH PAPER about Genghis Khan and how because of his STRONG CHARACTER, his achievements in life inspired many and made a huge impact on the society.

It is going to be 6 pages long. Please divide the paper as follows:

Page 1-2: Introduction and the brief history of Genghis Khans life before his conquest, his STRONG CHARACTER, (relationships with his family, the hardships he faced, his supporting or non supporting friends and others that will make an impact to his character building) Please emphasize on the building of his strong character.

page 3-4: Write about his conquest in chronological order, how close it is from ruling the whole world and the conquests impact on the society. Focus on how his strong character influences others around him, his decision making process, his treatment towards others, and his ambitions in the conquest.

PAge 5-7: Analyze how his strong character contributes to his life, his conquest and impacted the society at large. Quote many scholars and what they have to say about his strong characters. compare and contrast the different view points of scholars about him and his strong characters. write how his strong characters inpire others to be like him. Talk about hos his strong character build his sons character, how his son also follows in the line of him.

page 8: conclusion. sum up the analyzation, rise up new questions about the topic.

A few requests:

1. the sources must be peer-reviewed.
2. BOLD the thesis
3. BOLD the topic sentences
4. Perfect grammar
5. write clear transitions
6. No cut an paste work please.

Thank you so much