Engineering Management) the topic is ( Comparative study of leadership between civilian engineers and military engineers in selected country )

The purpose of a research proposal is to help the student design and plan a research project which the student is interested in undertaking and to demonstrate in detail the aims of the research and its design. A good proposal will anticipate and answer questions that an informed person might ask. The research proposal should include
the following elements:
I. An Introduction which states the main issue/question or a topic to be studied (approx 25 words).
2. Provide an overview of different aspects of the research including all of the following (except where clearly not applicable to your research):
i?? Aims and objectives
Detailed research questions arising from your primary research question or topic
i?? Literature to be reviewed/key references Conceptual framework/research design
i?? Sampling or selection of participants/documents
i?? Methods(s) of collecting material for the research method Method of analysis
(approximately 100-150 words for each heading where appropriate)
3. Significance of research in terms of
Theoretical knowledge
Professional knowledge
Personal learning
(approximately 100 words for each heading where appropriate)
4. Any products of research ( approximately 25 words)
5. Ethical issues: You can outline any risks to participants, stakeholders and yourself and also the measures you are taking to counter these. (up to 250 words)
6. Timetable of the project:
Your work plan should explain when you will accomplish each task (described in your methods) and how long each will take, (approximately 100-150 words)
The entire proposal should be between 1800-2000 words. The purpose of the proposal is to provide a clear summary of the proposed project with sufficient detail of the key aspects to enable it to be properly evaluated.