English paper . Williams in the american grain”

Please write the first part about one page, and second part about 2pages.

part 1. In class we began discussing Williamss choices of important figures in American history, as well as his criteria for selecting them. But we only got as far as Red Eric and Columbus. What about the others weve read so far? Pick someone else from Williamss book–anyone up to Cotton Mather–and tell us what characteristics that person brings to the American grain.Are later figures still in the mold of Eric & Columbus, or are other characteristics starting to emerge that become key parts of a collective American Personality”?

part 2. Response paper on Willams a?in the american graina?
part 2 will be 500-600 words.I will not provide topics or prompts, but will expect you to generate your own analytical theses (that is, questions/ problems/issues) for these essays.Response papers will tend to fall under one of two general categories: (a) a practical application of one critical problem or question to the analysis of one or more texts; or (b) a metacritical essay that compares/contrasts two or more approaches to a particular critical problem from the material we have read. If doing a practical application, you may choose to focus your analysis on one text or compare two or more works. essays must contain a clearly stated thesis, supporting material that specifically develops and refines the thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes main points made in the paper. Please note that you are required to provide at least two (2) citations from the relevant reading(s) to illustrate specific points within your argument. You will not need to do any additional research for these assignments, and I do not want any outside sources to appear in the essays without my approval in advance. You must also provide a works-cited page, formatted according to MLA style.