Enhanced professional practice a reflective assignment

identify an incident from your professional practice and examine this using a recognised reflective model.as a reflection on professional practice this should include a disscussion of the topics relevance in terms of legislation and guidance(25%),professional and ethical considerations(25%),and an evaluation of current research relating to the issue(25%). 10% of the marks will be awarded for the identification and correct use of a reflective model.

i am a nurse working in the operating theatre. part of my role is to check the paper work of the patients coming to theatre. consent issues are a huge topic and as patient advocate it is paramount that they are correct. a week before this incident we had had a lecture on consent and issues surrounding it. on this occasion a husband had escorted his wife (who suffered with dementia) to the reception area. on checking through the paperwork i notoced that he in fact had signed her consent form. i explained to him that this consent wasnt valid and that we would need two doctors to sign the consent form. the husband was under the impression that he had every right to do this as he was her power of eterny.i explained that this fact didnt matter,and that nobody other than a doctor could sign the consent of another adult.the surgeon was called to reception and asked to re write another form. the surgeon was also under the impression that because the husband had power of eterny he could sign the form. all this was going on in a public area infront of the wife.i felt that it looked like nobody knew what they we doing. v.embarassing., but i knew i was right to ask for a new form. i would not have let the patient go to theatre if the form hadnt been chnaged. after huge discussions and the involvment of the theatre manager the surgeon re wrote the consent.