Enhancing health and social care through inter-professional education

Enhancing Health and Social care through Inter-professional Education.

I am a radiography student. You need to critical analysis this essay. This is a third year essay so you will need to always argue when you are writing and look at advantage and disadvantage ,
Student are expected to write in articulate, fluent prose.
This essay is divedin to part A and part B.

Part A is about Evaluation of group work
Use the following pro-forma to write an evaluation of the group work

a? Explain how did you felt about the group work before it started? (approx. 50 words)
Uncaring etc

a? How has your knowledge or skills changed as a result of the group work? (approx. 150 words).
Importance of communication-verbal and non-verbal
Use of jargon to be avoided
Increased knowledge of other professional roles-ability to relate them to own role
Experience of conflict between different professions
Service user centred care as fundamental

a? How will your behaviour be different? (approx. 150 words)
More confident and knowledgeable
More aware of other professional roles
More understanding of teams, team roles and personality types
More aware and able to collaborate
Have practiced skills in safe environment

a? What will be the effect on your clinical practice? (approx. 150 words)
more able to collaborate with other professions and colleagues
More able to give service a user centred care
More aware of communication skills and putting them into practice
More able to make a difference
More able to avoid confrontation-greater ability to negotiate
No judgemental

References of appropriate breadth and depth must be included.

Part B
Evaluation of the service user session
Suggest points may include:
a? Greater knowledge a SU perspective and lifestyles
How health and social care fits into lives
Importance of listening and the need to smile
a? Greater understanding-need to communicateverbal communication, body language and active listening
a? Greater understanding of different perspectives
a? Emotional intelligence
a? Need to focus on important aspects of role
a? SU as central to care
a? More holistic knowledge of specific conditionability to apply knowledge
a? 24/7

References of appropriate breadth and depth must be included.