Enhancing organisations and employability

Assignment task(s)
Using appropriate models and theories from the module, discuss critically how you would bring about an identified change in an organisation (or organisational unit) you are familiar with. Your tasks:

1. Identify an organisational problem situation/ opportunity for change by diagnosing an organisationas current situation in relation to its external and internal environments.
2. Structure the problem/ opportunity from an appropriate perspective
3. Develop a problem/ opportunity statement.
4. Recommend and justify appropriate solutions

You are strongly encouraged to you the four steps above as the primary structure of your paper. Please submit your work in MS Word (no .pdf files please)

Assessment briefing
Will be conducted at the start of the module and in every seminar as the activities are tightly integrated with the assessments.

Assessment criteria
Specificcriteria is in the Grading Matrix for this assignment attached below. You should include the grading matrix at the front of your assignment when submitting.