Enhancing patient compliance and satisfaction whilst undergoing medical imaging procedures

title: using a wide range of psychological and/or sociological theories discuss how rthe radiographer can utilise these to enhance patient compliance and satisfaction whilst undergoing medical imaging procedures.

Marking criteria: 1.discussion of professional responsibilities to the radiographer in relation to patient care. 2. identification of a range of relevant psychological and/or sociological theory. 3. application of theory to patient care within medical imaging. 4. demonstration of how the above can enhance patient compliance and satisfaction.

the essay must be related to diagnostic radiography and not any other kind it must also relate to the radiography departments in the Uk the british health service. should relate to screening procedure such as breast sctreening etc could include patients worries about radiation safety and the anxiety this could cause etc explanation of procedures to patients and explanations of positioning etc are important during examinations. the essay should explain what patient compliance is and how the radiographer can improve it it should be written from a psychological or sociological point of view. please relate to diagnostic imaging procedures. it should have a clear introduction and conclusion.sources should be appropriate to topic. thanks really need this to be right.