Enius, the figure of the artist (Art History) (comparative textual analysis, 1st yr undergraduate)

This is a comparative textual analysis to describe and discuss the differences regarding the figure of the artist in each case; in the critical comparison, please show how this text can serve to construct an idea of the artistic identity. Please make references to some broader theoretical issues regarding the figure of the artist (genius) and how (auto)biography as art historical strategies have been dealt with in 20th century and contemporary art: I have selected the 2 texts to compare and can upload them once we correspond by email. I also have some texts of references that can be referred to in the discussion as well as in the bibliography:(sorry for the writing, I am in a hurry!)
J.L Borges, Borges and Iin Labyrinths, London, Penguin p 282-283
Stuart Davis, The ARtist today, in Chipp, Theories of Modern Art, 1968, pp 466-471
Ad Reinhardt, Art as Art, in Harrison & Woods, Art in Theory, 1900-2000, pp 821 824.
Rudolf & Margot Wittkower, Chapter 5, Genius Madness and Melancholy, in Born under Saturn, the character and Conduct of Artists, 1963, pp 98-108