Enocide in the Twentieth Century ( rwndan genocide)

The essay question to be answered is: Analyse the causes of the Rwandan genocide.

i am expecting to get a guaranteed 2:1 Please make sure you do not use less than 2750 words as i will be marked down if you do. My university is very strict with plagiarism and i will be giving this essay through turnitin so it is very important that it is referenced properly and no plagiarism is done. Please use the Harvard system when referencing. Please be EXTRA careful when writing the essay as my essay will be checked word by word for plagiarism. Please use UK English NOT USA English. You can use as much as sources as you want all I am interested in is to receive a well written and referenced work. Please make sure any quotations and materials used that belongs to anyone is referenced properly as my work will go through turnitin. Make sure you are answering the question properly using right materials and theories and etc. Please also make sure that the essay flows well.

I have also attached some power point slides which will help you. Once again please make sure the paper is written from scratch and it is not been plagiarized at all. The essay will be checked word by word for plagiarism.

Please make sure you show clear understanding of the following:

1. Knowledge of the topic ideas, concepts and institutions

2. Analysis of issues and an awareness of different viewpoints

3. Evaluation of competing explanations or theories applied to a problem

4. Ability to identify relevant sources of evidence, both empirical and theoretical, and to use these to produce an informative referencing system

5. Skill in the presentation of an answer with accuracy, clarity and coherence.

You will also be expected to demonstrate:

A·ability to distinguish between differing viewpoints;

A·ability to identify key elements of a problem and choose the theories/methods for its resolution;

A·ability to analyse political systems using comparative methodology;