Enry David Thoreauas Civil Disobedience and Other Essays

Hello, you did a great job on my last paper which was on Fredrick Douglas. My final paper is due very soon. I figured I would stick with you because you have already completed my Fredrick Douglas paper and some questions are cumulative. Attached you will find final paper guidelines. You may choose 1 of the 3 questions. Which ever one you feel more comfortable with. I assume you would choose number one considering it has much to do with Fredrick Douglas, but thats up to you. The majority of this essay will be on the book, Henry David Thoreauas Civil Disobedience and Other Essaysso it is ESSENTIAL that you cite that book frequently. This book can be found in pdf version on the internet. All other reading material will be provided. Please let me know which quesiton you choose so I can provide the additional reading material neccessary to complete the paper. Again it is essential to frequently cite passages from Henry David Thoreauas Civil Disobedience and Other Essays”, reguardless of the quesiton you choose. Thank you very much!