Enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery plan

This paper is based on the previous papers completed which I will attach here.

Based on your Week 1 proposal, Week 2 security plan, and Week 3 technical infrastructure security plan prepare an enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery plan for the organization you work for or for a company you would like to work for.

1. Your plan should be five to ten pages long excluding the title page, abstract, table of content, and references pages. Resources: PubsSPs.html

2. Make sure organizational confidential information or relevant organizational identification is not reveled in your paper (you may substitute the organization name with a fictitious name)

3. Use APA Style a follow the guidelines for APA Style in the Library or Your plan should be based on the following:
a. Practices, standards and guidelines, for business security, risk assessment and mitigation
b. Planned for disaster recovery and business recovery to include computer and network security
c. Effective security policy, risk factors, security-related organizations, and general security threat types and access controls
d. Using universal guidelines and principles with respect to network security, IT risk assessment, risk analysis, and risk management
e. Guidelines for Cyberlaw, copyright, patent, and privacy laws, within the bounds of the legal systems for digital media in the US Court