Entral line associated bloodstream infections


1. For assigned safety/quality of care topic identify and explain the following using theory base
and evidence based research:
A. Definition
B. Statistics
C. Implications from National Priorities Partnership, National database of nursing quality indicators
(NDNQI), and National Patient Safety goals
D. Ways to enhance safety/quality regarding assigned topic

2. Identify how knowledge gained from this assignment will influence your future nursing career to enhance patient safety and quality of care in nursing.

3. Demonstrate written scholarly communication skills using correct APA format.


The patient safety and quality of care in nursing study paper should be 5 double spaced pages including the title and reference page which will be looked at very closely for APA format. Four scholarly references should be used. Three of the references must be from a nursing journal, refereed nursing research journals, and one from a scholarly internet website. It should be of professional quality