Entrance essay for cardiology technologist program

The essay should be a personal statement that addresses your motivation for seeking entrance to the Cardiology
Technologist program. The statement should comment upon
your achievements, your personal and professional goals, the expectations for the program in relation to the achievement of your goals, and the strengths that you feel you can bring to the program.

my motivation is that i want to make a better life for myself and my daughter also to work in a job field that im extremely interested in. and my dad has heart problems and i would like to be more aware of what can be done to help him.i also ended up in the hospital a year ago where i had to get surgery and at that time i realized that i wanted to do something in the medical field and i looked at many different areas and this course is what appealed to me the most.
my achievements; raising a daughter on my own for the past 14 years, writing my G.E.D and passing after being out of school for 23 years and only having grade 9 education also writing and passing the entrance exam for the course. working with disabled children where i learned to change feeding button and colostomy.
personal and professional goals:to live a healthier life style, to grow and to learn,new accomplishment,higher education, make more money and to meet new people to share ideas with that dont already know me.earn a better living so i can afford to give my daughter a better life and to afford to send her to university and to prove to myself that i am capable of doing this also to become more resonablr.
expectations for program :great teacher, good classroom setting,nice lab where i can get hands on experience and someone always there to help if needed
strengths: work well in stressful environment, good at problem solving,passionate,caring and great with people.

i have also worked with mentally and physically disabled children and adults over the past 17 years through foster care i have had many different people in my home who i cared for on a daily basis all of which are physically and mentally challenged