Entrification and how it is affected by Racism

Paper is for a Racism Class at an Art College. Art references and comparisons/metaphors are great additions to any part of the paper, so if possible please include those!

Paper is sort of a What Ive learned during this class and How its Changed My Thinkingtype deal. So try to make it sound like a student at the end of a semester, linking together thoughts made from all the past discussions we had each class.

Intro: Why this topic (Gentrification/Displacement Resulting in Disparity for some and Wealth for others) is interesting. Make 3 points.
Point 1: How does it help you explore the themes of the class? (The class is a RACISM class. Focuses on the cause and effects of racial issues in America, such as gentrification.)

Point 2: The effects of gentrification in the San Francisco Bay Area, and how it teaches me about racism and the state of prejudice in America.

Point 3: Explain why this topic is particularly interesting, because while some people are hurt by it, others benefit, and there is a sort of Mysteryin the solution to fixing this, because its hard to take favor of either side.

Conclusion: Summarize the three points, and what this suggests for future art practice, research, and activism.