Entrpreneurship in the public and voluntary sectors

Essay title is:
Using material and evidence from your area of expertise coupled with models and frameworks from the module, demonstrate how you can develop entrpreneurship within your organisation. What benifits would you accrue and how would you deal with the most difficult issues?

Please use a UK Government Health department organisational example.

Include the following references:
Monbiot, G (2000) Captive State: The corporate takeover of britain. Chapter 1: The skye bridge mystery. London: Mc Millan.
Ross, B and Segal, C (2002) Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organisations. Chapter 2. San francisco: Jossey Bass

Also include other UK references

Learning objectives:
* Critical analysis and appreciation of the concept and definition of entrpreueurship as it relates to not for profit organisations.
* Understanding of a number of differing models and how they are influenced by their context
* Analytical reflection on the relevance of the concept in its pure or adapted form to the students own orgnaisations.
* Appreciation of the current research and its messages.
* Through contrast and comparison of cases, to gain insight into the application of the most important aspects of entrpreneurship.