Envalue the Auditor Independence Provisions

Below is a direct quote from a recent publication: FEE Paper Comparison IESBA Code of Ethics January 2013 a available at index.php?optioncom_content&viewarticle&id1300&Itemid212&langen

a?An individualas objectivity must be beyond question when conducting and reporting on a statutory Audita?

This is the essay require:
You are required to discuss, with reference to the materials studied on this module, and your own research the implications and applicability of the above statement.
In addition, Not seeking a basic account type response from the auditors guide but want evidence that you are using the research papers you read, without these your mark will be poor a 35% of the marks is for using both the research provided and your own research is the starting point for considering how to approach this, then think about what impacts objectivity: but taking a questioning view (critical view) of what they do so consider personal ethics, culture, public interest etca¦ refer to the module guide.

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