Environmental analysis for Coca Cola company

Conduct an environmental analysis for Coca Cola company

 You will need to use 2 theoretical models eg PRESTCOM, SWOT and conduct some secondary research. You may also want to undertake primary research.
 You must justify your answer by reference to marketing theory.

Word count:
3 sides of A4 paper (font size 11, Arial) excluding the Executive Summary (which is in addition to the 3 pages of the report)

The assignment must be no longer than 3 sides/pages of A4.
In addition (not in the word count) you should attach an executive
summary so it is 3 pages plus, not including, the executive summary

It must be written in a Business Report format.

1. The assignment has the following key tasks:

” Conduct an environmental analysis for a food product, as seen in the UK.
” Identify three key issues for the chosen product as a result of your analysis

Make sure:
 You consider the marketing environment as a whole not just the external environment.
 The competitor analysis is limited to the direct competition to your product
 Your analysis includes use of: PRESTCOM etc.

You need to include the following:

Reference to at least one Trade Journal article these should be trade journals eg Marketing, like the ones used for the exercise in week 3.

Reference to at least one industry Report  Mintel/ Euromonitor or similar.

An Executive summary  this must be shown at the front of the assignment and must be a summary of the assignment, not an introduction.

Reference list and Bibliography Referencing must conform to the Harvard system.

2. The assignment has the following key sections

 Title Page (with name and student number)
 Executive Summary (this will not be considered as part of the page count)
 Market analysis
 Conclusions  3 Key issues
 Reference list and Bibliography
 Appendices no longer than 2 sides

Graphs and other diagrams must be generated in MS PowerPoint or similar package
Margins must be Top and bottom: 2.5 cm,left and right: 3.2 cm