Environmental impact assessment of West field Shopping Centre in West London

it is very important that you read that:

It does not have to be in the form of essay, actually the requirement is on A2 size papers and the environmental impact assessment could be in form of bullet points.but each bullet point can have a pictures associated with that, or can be shown on the map.please use good quality maps and pictures.( 3 A2 is enough)
the form of presentation is very important, so you must include maps, and pictures(good qualities)
at least 1000 words please.

this study will look at the wetfield shopping centre in west london which its development is on a large brownfield site which was once the location of the 1908 Franco-British Exhibition;the initial site clearance demolished the final set of halls still remaining from the exhibition.

this study should look at the implementation of the following measures (please make at least 2 sentence for each one of this issues):

-Traffic Transport and access

-Regional aspects of pollution, including pollutant input, composition and hazards

-Social and land use impacts

job losses and created

-visual and landscape impact

-indigenous heritage and not indigenous heritage

-flora and fauna

-the submission needs to show the impact environmental conditions may have on design of the wetfield shopping centre.

-the study area need to be shown in detail and the surrounding areas to a reduced scale.

-an expanded knowledge of environmental/sustainable technology

-role of technology in the production of design

-how the design of the westfield shopping centre developed in relation the physical characteristic of a chosen site.

-conclude like how it could have been better design, is that successful, what are the problems?

please note that the sheets should be annotated to indicate the points which you make(the bullet points).