Environmental issue affecting population

Go online to find an example from the news media of an environmental issue affecting population and analyze it by applying the Bandarage framework. Briefly introduce your environmental issue, analyze it, and apply critical analysis. Be sure to use Bandarageas two concepts (the Dominator Paradigm vs. the Partnership Paradigm) to analyze environmental issues and events in the news.
Please limit to one paragraph each this assignment cannot exceed 300-330 words in length. precise in-text citations in your postings. Refer to ASR referencing style. You must state the name of the (author, the date and the page number) of any direct quotes from in-course readings and outside sources or the (author and the date) for ideas or paraphrases of in-course readings and outside sources that you find useful
Include the web source at the bottom of the paragraph that come from your online search. Similarly, when you cite any course or outside readings, use the ASR referencing style guide and include references for the source(s) at the bottom of your posting