Environmental protection is more important than economic profits

Below is the requirement about this essay and can u please help me with the 1000 words text.

Multimodal Public Argument

Now that you have thoroughly and carefully researched an issue of your choosing and written an analysis of that issue, you are ready to take your place among those who have argued on this issue and make your own argument. Based on the research you have done, you now may choose an aspect of the issue to argue(I have chose in the topic).
Your public argument should be a multi-modal text that balances 1000 words or more of text with images and sound. Your argument will be publicly available on the Internet. There are no other requirements on the form of your public argument. So, BE CREATIVE! You may consider the following possibilities, though the list is nearly limitless:
a? Youtube videos: a video montage, a digital animation, a documentary, a short film
a? A Powerpoint presentation that is turned into a video or somehow made available online
a? A website or a blog

Types of arguments that you may use are as follows:
Call-to-action/proposal: Propose a solution to a problem and/or motivate your readers to act on it. Why is this issue important? What should be done to solve this problem? Your thesis will need to be explicit in this kind of argument.
Example of call-to-action thesis: Currently, we have no method of screening international travelers for various infective agents, making the likelihood of a global pandemic extremely high now and in the future.
Example of proposal thesis: The United States needs to develop a vaccine now to stem a possible future bird-flu pandemic.
Cause/effect: Why did this happen? Or, what will happen in the future if this trend/phenomenon is allowed to continue? Your thesis will need to be explicit in this kind of argument too.
Example of cause thesis: A bird-flu pandemic could occur through our current ease of global travel and poor methods of screening people for infective agents as they travel about the world.
Example of effect thesis: A global bird-flu pandemic could shape the way we screen travelers moving from country to country, particularly those who travel to or from third-world countries.
Narrative: Tell a story that exposes a problem and/or makes an argument. Your thesis may be implicit in this kind of argument.