Eography final project ( analysis of articles and question summary.)

My paper topic is State why such settlement patterns existAnd what is it (Asian and immigrator) introduction please see below.
1)Select an Asian ethnic group that you will be using for your analysis.
2)Select a state that you will like to examine as such NY state etc
3)Use the (1 pages summary)
4)Next, using outside literature (sources), e.g., JSTOR, state why such settlement patterns exist which is I posted 4 files.(this part 4 pages you need to write such as introduce about specific asian and immigrator) and why they come in America
Please write summary on my 4 articles which is I posted.
Also, I posted my previous essay file , see my sample essay file , and write same level as previous one .
I also need to get reference page specific MLA style and you need to attach all of file

Thank you