Eography / Heritage 3rd year assignment

Please make sure you posess the following BEFORE accepting this project;

1, You are a native english speaker
2, You have a degree in Geography
3, you have the ability to write to a 2:1 standard.

Im sorry to sound pushy but i have had bad experiences in the past which have resulted in FAILED assignments. I cant allow this to happen on this assignment as it is worth 30% of my module.

I will thoroughly check the assignment upon completion. If it is NOT up to a 2:1 standard then you WILL be asked to re-write it.


if im satisfied with your work I will be forwarding future assignments to you.

You should write an essay on one of the essay titles below

” National identity and the national past need to be constantly remade. With reference to appropriate case studies (but not from the United Kingdom, Ireland or your home country) critically evaluate the importance of commemoration to the making and remaking of national identity and the national past.

” With reference to your home country (nation) identify some of the key myths that underpin national identity and examine the contemporary role of these myths in nation-building

Your essay MUST show evidence of familiarity and engagement with recent scholarship. In order to achieve an  average mark for this module you will be expected to demonstrate that you have read at least 10 different sources. The majority of these must be journal articles. There are extensive reading lists available on Moodle. There are also numerous ejournals available through the library (nb, if you require any of these, please let me know via the message board)

The full marking criteria for Level H essays are attached
Harvard referencing system
at LEAST 10 sources and if possible MAINLY journals

If possible, please include references from;
uses of heritage Laura Jane Smith (2006). Routledge, London