Eography The discussion in this class goes around (How Societies Change)

Here is what is needed to be in the papers, Microsoft Word.

Newspapers are full of stories where geography is at the heart of the issue. By now you should have begun to realize that geography is a way in which to organize and understand the many processes that operate in our physical and human world. A solid understanding of geography helps in understanding how the world around us operates, and this knowledge is useful when reading and understanding the events in the world. This exercise is intended to help you practice and demonstrate this new skill.

Find TWO newspaper articles (online) from major reputable national or local sources (do not use something like a?The Shelbyville Shoppera?). The articles can be on any topic you like, provided you can demonstrate their geographic theme and the strength of their ties to class topics.

For each article provide the following:

1.The title of the story

2.The URL for online news. a include any photos and graphics related to the story.

The articleas must be a relevance to a human geography theme

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3.A written summary (200 words minimum) of the article. (3 points).

4.A paragraph describing in what ways this article relates to class. (250 words minimum; 3 points).

5.Compose three multiple choice questions that could be used in the class, using the weekly quiz questions as a guide a 3 points (1 point for each question).

Each article is worth 10 points.