Eologic Time (Billions of Years vs. Thousands of Years)

Geologic Time (Billions of Years vs. Thousands of Years)
In general, your paper should contain an introductory paragraph, the body of your work, and a conclusion. In terms of the body, the following items should be discussed:
1. The Old-Earth viewpoint related to your topic.
2. The Young-Earth viewpoint related to your topic.
3. Compare and contrast these two viewpoints. How are the two viewpoints similar? How do they differ significantly?
Use the following outline when writing your paper. Each point on the below outline should be a separate section (with a section heading) within your paper. You will notice that these section headings correspond to the content points above.
I. Introduction
II. Old-Earth View
III. Young-Earth View
IV. Compare and Contrast
V. Conclusion
One of these additional sources must be from an old-earth perspective and the other from a young-earth perspective. Sources should be journal articles, manuscripts, scholarly textbooks, and/or internet sites from .edu or .gov sources. Avoid internet sites from .com, .net, .org, etc. sources, as the information contained therein are not often peer reviewed. Also, Study Bibles are not appropriate for this assignment. List all of your sources in a bibliography at the end of the paper.