Eology i??Volcanoes&Earthquakei?0 Assignment16


Go to the following website:


2. January 24, 2013. Heres a direct link:


Read the entry and follow all of the links to more information.

After youve completed all of the steps above, answer the following questions:

1. Find a recent earthquake that occurred in Oregon or Washington and list the date and time (local time) that it occurred, how deep the earthquake was, and what the magnitude was. Did you or anyone you know feel this earthquake?

2. What are some of the scientific benefits of installing seismometers in a football stadium?

3. How fast is emergency response likely to be after a large subduction zone earthquake in Oregon and Washington?

4. What is Project Safe Haven?

5. What are land level changes and what to they tell us about past earthquakes in Oregon and Washington?

6. What are turbidites and what do they tell us about past earthquakes in Oregon and Washington?

7. What is the chance of a magnitude 6.5 or greater earthquake occurring in the Puget Sound area in the next 50 years?

Compose your work in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, etc.) and submit it to me through Blackboard as Assignment 16.

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