Eology i??Volcanoes&Earthquakei?0 Assignment17


Go to Weekly Lectures, open the folder for Week 9 and read the information posted there.
Go to Weekly Readings, open the folder for Week 9 and read chapters 10, 11, & 12 of Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.
Go to Weekly Videos, open the folder for Week 9, and watch two videos: Deadliest Earthquakes and Can Animals Predict Disasters?

Answer the following questions about Deadliest Earthquakes:

1. How do GPS measurements help scientists calculate stress that accumulates along faults? How is this information useful in predicting earthquakes? Be sure to explain what can be predicted based on stress accumulation, and what cannot.

2. In the video, what is the Holy Grail of Seismology?How could these measurements help scientists predict earthquakes?

3. What are mega-thrust earthquakes? Where do they occur?

4. How can silent earthquakes, or slow slip, help scientists predict larger earthquakes?

5. What is Shake Alert? How can the difference in the arrival times of P-waves and S-waves give people time to prepare for earthquakes? Is this type of early warning system currently being used in other countries? If so, what types of precautions does it allow for?

Compose your work in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, etc.) and submit it to me through Blackboard as Assignment 17.

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Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest

Chapter 10: Its Our Job”

Chapter 11: Shake, Rattle Portland, Vancouver, and Seattle

Chapter 12: Nuts, Bolts, and Chimneys

Pages 161-216

Deadliest Earthquakes

This weeks videos are accessed through direct links, rather than downloading them through Blackboard. What does that mean for you? No long boring stretch of silence while you wait for the videos to download! But, on the downside, you have to watch some commercials.

Click the link above to access NOVAs website, then click the green icon on the right side of the screen that says Watch the Program.”

The link: /.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episodes/can-animals-predict-disaster/full-episode/268/