Eology i??Volcanoes&Earthquakei?0 Assignment6


Go to Weekly Lectures, open the folder for Week 4, and read the 3 lectures posted there.
Go to Weekly Readings, open the folder for Week 4, and read Volcanoes Crucibles of Change, Chapters 9 and 11-14.
Go to Weekly Videos, open the folder for Week 4, and watch the IMAX film Ring of Fire.
Go to the Red Cross Volcano Hazards Preparedness website, which was part of your reading assignment for this week. Read each section about preparing for volcanic activity. There are 4 sections, titled About, Prepare, Respond During, and Recover After. They show up as tabs directly below the words Volcano Preparedness, and just above the photo of…flames? Why did they use a photo of flames to illustrate volcanic activity?


Or, to check the browser plug-ins if the video doesnt play properly: