Eology i??Volcanoes&Earthquakei?0 Assignment9


Watch the movie Supervolcano, posted in Weekly Videos in the folder for Week 5.
Visit the USGS Volcano Hazards Program Supervolcanoes website and read all the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.
Answer the questions about the movie and the website (see the attached file for the list of questions). Compose your work in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, etc.) and submit it to me through Blackboard as Assignment 9.
If you want to share some of your thoughts about the movie, you know Ill love that. Go to the Discussion Board, then to the Forum entitled Supervolcano. As usual, it may boost your score for this assignment.


This will take a while to load. Be patient. As mentioned previously, this one covers some big topics, like the end of the world as we know it, so make sure youre well fortified. Since youve already invited your friends and family to watch the movie with you, I suggest you get some substantial snacks. And some whiskey, because youre all going to need a shot after watching this one. Remember, even though the movie is fiction, the premise is ENTIRELY REAL.

If you encounter problems with videos, contact: