Eontological theories and Consequentialist theories

Consider the ethical dilemma given below.
Write an ethics paper about it, including all the following information and analysis:
1. Solve the dilemma using two of the following Three Primary Schools of Ethics we discuss this week from our assigned reading.

Deontological theories are rules-based and focus on duties and rights, the principles we choose to follow in making tough decisions and our most general expectations for human behavior: be fair to everyone involved, respect the basic dignity of human beings, and simply do the right thing in every situation. Working with deontological ethics asks you what principle you will follow in making tough decisions, a decision about valuing the principle even before you meet the decision itself.
Consequentialist theories are ends-based and emphasize the good that result from human actions: the pleasure, wealth, or happiness that might come about as a consequence of our individual actions or social policies. Outcome-specific methods of thought often imply ideas like, The ends justify the means.Working with consequentialist ethics asks of you what outcomes you wish to have achieved after making the decision.

2. Explain the similarities and differences in your two solutions to the same dilemma.
3. State (and justify) whether you feel the two schools of ethics are worthy of use in Real lifedilemmas.
4. Do you feel that Aristotle would have approved of either of your solutions? Why or why not?
Please note that your ethics papers should be sure to spend some time doing your readings and applying them to your written assignments.
Your papers should be about two typed pages, double spaced.
Use the title page and citation pages do not count among the two pages. Please organize your thoughts, use headings, and create readable documents with grammar and spelling checked.

This is the topic:

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