Eorge Washington Bush from the Great Pacific Northwest

Ineed everything from bibliography thesisclosing everything that goes with a research paper. I need sources to be cite.
a? Be crystal clear, precise, and efficient in explaining everything you write. As Rael has stated, a?Never assume that the reader will know what youare talking about: she or he never will unless you avoid all possible ambiguity.a? Clear language and writing reflect clear thinking. So be very clear about what you want to say, and state it simply and accurately.
a? Avoid vague terms and generalizations, such as a?the masses,a? a?the people,a? a?later,a? and a?before.a? Explain exactly who, what, and when you are describing.
a? Also avoid wordinessa unnecessary words that can make your sentences airy, convoluted, and even confusing.
a? Be clear about whose idea you are expressing. Is it your own or is it the author of something youave read, a person reciting a story, a newspaper journalist, or who? Itas perfectly acceptable to write, a?According to Jane Smith . . .a?
a? Use active verbs (rather than a?was,a? which is the passive verb to be), and keep your verb tenses consistent throughout your paper. When writing about the past, use the past tense. This is not passive, just past tense, like the verbs in the next sentence. Make the subject of your sentence do something, like wrote, ran, viewed, etc. (all past tense verbs)
I need it from when he left the midwest and his whole life in the Great Pacific Northwest